Custom Polymer Doors

#2 Custom Cabinet Door Problems… Solved

Mother Hubbard’s Kitchens researched all the problems inherent in the custom cabinet door industry and solved all the problems by developing a manufacturing facility that can create just about any kind of cabinet door.

With a special focus on one particular category of cabinet door, Mother Hubbard’s went all in investing to produce a polymer product that now serves as our signature and flagship series. You’ll see our polymer door products in hospitals, seniors facilities & now we’re ready to meet the growing demand for polymer products for residental situations.

Why polymer? Here’s why!

What is Polymer?

Flexible Vinyl Applied by Heat and Vacuum Sealed over a High-Density Fibre Board (HDF).

 Beautiful & Realistic Finishes of Painted or Wood Doors
 Environmentally Friendly
 Ideal in Kitchen & Bathroom Applications
 Available in Slab, Shaker and Raised Door Styles
 Colour Consistency
 Durable: Non-Porous – Used in Hospital & Hospitality Applications because of the Anti-Viral Properties
 Available In Textured Finishes
 Fully Wrapped Door On HDF– No Seams

 Economical – Receive a Product that has the Appearance of Wood or Paint, without the Finishing Costs
 High Level of Durability Performance – Under Everyday Use
 Naturally Water Resistant
 Low Maintenance – Resists Stains, Doesn’t Chip or Crack due to High Humidity
 Cleaning – Easy Wipe Down with Mild Detergent, can withstand disinfectant cleaners ( Lysol Wipes )
 Mother Hubbard’s Kitchens Manufactures Doors right here in Nova Scotia!

We did our research, found all the problems, and now right in our facility… we’re solving real world problems.

  • We are locally owned family run and operating in Atlantic Canada for over 35 years, (Dartmouth , NS)
  • We have the best machinery and use top quality materials in the industry, and have full quality control…
  • Our seasoned designers, have the experience and talent to handle any space.

Looking for another category of cabinet door? Here’s a few more products we’ve managed to master…

Raised Panel Doors: These doors feature a center panel that is slightly raised, surrounded by a frame. They offer a traditional and elegant look, often seen in classic and formal kitchen designs.

Flat Panel Doors: Also known as slab doors, these doors have a flat, smooth surface without any raised or recessed panels. They provide a sleek and contemporary appearance, suitable for modern and minimalist kitchen designs.

Shaker Doors: Inspired by the Shaker style, these doors feature a recessed center panel surrounded by a simple frame. Shaker doors have clean lines, making them versatile and suitable for various kitchen styles, from traditional to transitional.

Glass Doors: These doors incorporate glass panels, allowing visibility of the cabinet contents. Glass doors can be clear, textured, frosted, or leaded, adding a touch of elegance and showcasing decorative items or dishes stored inside.

Mullion Doors: Mullion doors have multiple glass panes separated by wooden or metal bars, creating a grid-like pattern. They offer a distinctive and charming look, often used for displaying china or collectibles.

Beadboard Doors: Beadboard doors feature narrow vertical panels with rounded grooves or beads between them. They provide a cottage or farmhouse-style look, adding texture and visual interest to the cabinets.

Accent Doors: Accent doors add a decorative touch to cabinets. They can feature decorative moldings, carvings, or unique patterns, serving as focal points or statement pieces in the kitchen design.

We invite you to our showroom (Pick a day!)… give us some notice and we’ll be there to greet you at the door!