#13 100 Styles of Cabinet Doors… and Custom Polymer Doors by DoorHouse, Inc

  1. Shaker: A classic, simple design with a recessed center panel and clean lines.
  2. Raised Panel: Features a raised center panel with detailed edges, adding dimension.
  3. Flat Panel: Minimalistic and contemporary, with a flat center panel and sleek lines.
  4. Beadboard: Characterized by vertical slats that create a textured look.
  5. Glass Insert: Cabinets with glass panels for displaying decorative items or glassware.
  6. Mullion: Cabinets with wood or metal dividers for a distinctive, elegant look.
  7. Louvered: Slatted wood doors that offer a unique, tropical aesthetic.
  8. Mission: Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, featuring simple, vertical lines.
  9. Cathedral Arch: Features a graceful, arched top panel for an elegant touch.
  10. Square Arch: Combines a classic arch with a straight top for a balanced look.
  11. Slab: Sleek, flat doors without any embellishments for a modern appearance.
  12. Veneer: Doors with a thin layer of wood or laminate over a solid core.
  13. Reclaimed Wood: Doors made from reclaimed wood for a rustic, eco-friendly charm.
  14. Distressed: Offers an aged appearance with intentional markings and imperfections.
  15. Beveled Edge: Doors with beveled edges, adding depth and sophistication.
  16. Inset Panel: Doors where the panel sits flush with the frame, creating a seamless look.
  17. Mullion Glass: Features glass panels divided by mullions, adding elegance.
  18. Frameless: Modern and minimalist style with doors covering the entire cabinet face.
  19. Bifold: Doors that fold in half to reveal the cabinet’s interior fully.
  20. Flip-Up: Doors that flip up, ideal for easy access in tight spaces.
  21. Tambour: Sliding doors that roll vertically to hide or reveal cabinet contents.
  22. Pocket: Doors that slide into the cabinet’s side, hiding them completely.
  23. Double Arch: Cabinets with an arch at the top and bottom for a balanced design.
  24. Cross Mullion: Divided into squares or rectangles with intersecting mullions.
  25. Geometric: Doors featuring geometric shapes or patterns for a contemporary vibe.
  26. Chevron: Doors with a V-shaped pattern for a trendy, upscale look.
  27. Herringbone: Doors with a distinctive zigzag pattern for a chic appearance.
  28. Multi-Paned: Doors with multiple small panels for added visual interest.
  29. V-Groove: Features V-shaped grooves for a touch of texture.
  30. Split-Front: Doors with a split panel design, adding visual appeal.
  31. Diamond: Doors with a diamond-shaped pattern for a timeless look.
  32. X-Brace: Cabinets with criss-crossing braces for a rustic, farmhouse feel.
  33. French Country: Exudes elegance and charm, often with distressed finishes.
  34. Rustic: Emphasizes natural materials and finishes for a warm, country feel.
  35. Contemporary: Modern, sleek doors with minimalist aesthetics.
  36. Industrial: Utilizes metal accents and raw materials for an urban, industrial vibe.
  37. Mid-Century Modern: Retro-inspired doors with clean lines and vintage charm.
  38. Traditional: Timeless and elegant doors with ornate details and rich finishes.
  39. Coastal: Light and airy, often featuring beach-inspired colors and textures.
  40. Farmhouse: Rustic and cozy, with distressed finishes and beadboard details.
  41. Colonial: Classic and formal, with raised panels and traditional hardware.
  42. Victorian: Elaborate and ornate, with intricate carvings and detailing.
  43. Craftsman: Simple, natural, and handcrafted, reflecting the Arts and Crafts movement.
  44. Art Deco: Glamorous and luxurious, with geometric patterns and metallic accents.
  45. Gothic: Dramatic and ornate, with pointed arches and intricate carvings.
  46. Scandinavian: Minimalist and functional, emphasizing natural materials and light colors.
  47. Japanese Zen: Serene and peaceful, with clean lines and natural elements.
  48. Moroccan: Exotic and colorful, with intricate patterns and vibrant hues.
  49. Indian: Rich and ornate, featuring intricate carvings and vibrant colors.
  50. Southwestern: Warm and earthy, with rustic materials and desert-inspired colors.
  51. Mediterranean: Old-world charm, featuring warm colors and textured finishes.
  52. Tuscan: Rustic and inviting, with natural stone and warm, earthy tones.
  53. Cape Cod: Coastal and charming, with light colors and beadboard details.
  54. Art Nouveau: Organic and flowing, with nature-inspired motifs and curvilinear designs.
  55. Greek Revival: Classic and elegant, with fluted columns and ornate molding.
  56. Regency: Glamorous and luxurious, with gilded details and rich materials.
  57. Hollywood Regency: Bold and opulent, with metallic accents and vibrant colors.
  58. Cottage: Casual and cozy, with vintage-inspired elements and soft colors.
  59. Country: Warm and inviting, with a mix of rustic and traditional elements.
  60. Mission Revival: Inspired by Spanish mission architecture, with clean lines and stucco finishes.
  61. Scandinavian Farmhouse: Combines Scandinavian simplicity with rustic farmhouse charm.
  62. Southwestern Adobe: Influenced by Southwestern and Spanish styles, with earthy tones and arched details.
  63. Industrial Chic: Blends industrial elements with chic, modern finishes and textures.
  64. Modern Farmhouse: Marries modern aesthetics with rustic farmhouse elements for a cozy yet contemporary look.
  65. Coastal Bohemian: Emphasizes a relaxed, bohemian vibe with coastal-inspired colors and patterns.
  66. Urban Farmhouse: A mix of urban and farmhouse styles, combining industrial elements with rustic charm.
  67. Traditional Elegance: Classic and sophisticated, with rich materials and refined details.
  68. Retro Vintage: Nostalgic and playful, featuring vintage-inspired colors and patterns.
  69. Classic Contemporary: A timeless blend of contemporary and traditional styles.
  70. Scandinavian Minimalism: Emphasizes clean lines and natural materials for a clutter-free look.
  71. Eclectic Mix: A fusion of various styles, reflecting individuality and personal taste.
  72. Global Fusion: Blends elements from different cultures and styles for a worldly aesthetic.
  73. Bohemian Glam: A mix of bohemian and glamorous elements for a vibrant, chic look.
  74. Coastal Cottage: Combines coastal and cottage styles for a relaxed and charming feel.
  75. Industrial Farmhouse: Merges industrial and farmhouse aesthetics for a rugged yet cozy atmosphere.
  76. Modern Coastal: A contemporary take on coastal style with sleek finishes and clean lines.
  77. Scandinavian Modern: Modern Scandinavian design with minimalist aesthetics and functionality.
  78. Vintage Industrial: Marries vintage elements with industrial accents for a unique, curated look.
  79. Rustic Glam: Rustic charm meets glamorous touches, creating a refined yet cozy ambiance.
  80. Mediterranean Revival: Influenced by Mediterranean architecture, with ornate details and warm colors.
  81. Traditional Craftsman: Classic Craftsman style with traditional elements and fine craftsmanship.
  82. Vintage French: Elegance and charm inspired by French vintage aesthetics.
  83. Scandinavian Retro: Scandinavian style infused with retro-inspired patterns and colors.
  84. Industrial Loft: Industrial style with loft-inspired open spaces and urban flair.
  85. Bohemian Rustic: Bohemian elements blended with rustic materials and textures.
  86. Country French: Country-inspired style with French accents and provincial charm.
  87. Scandinavian Coastal: Scandinavian simplicity combined with coastal-inspired colors and textures.
  88. Artisan Crafted: Handcrafted doors with artisanal touches and unique details.
  89. Modern Mid-Century: Contemporary twist on mid-century modern design with clean lines and retro elements.
  90. Vintage Victorian: Victorian style infused with vintage charm and romantic detailing.
  91. Rustic Modern: Rustic elements paired with modern finishes for an eclectic look.
  92. Coastal Cottage: Coastal-inspired style with a cozy, cottage feel and nautical accents.
  93. Boho Chic: Bohemian aesthetics blended with chic, stylish touches for a relaxed yet elevated look.
  94. Vintage Cottage: Vintage-inspired cottage style with charming details and warm colors.
  95. Modern Tropical: Modern design infused with tropical motifs and natural materials.
  96. Classic Eclectic: Classic style combined with eclectic elements for a unique, curated look.
  97. Mid-Century Coastal: Mid-century modern style with coastal-inspired colors and textures.
  98. Country Victorian: Victorian style with rustic, country-inspired accents and vintage charm.
  99. Industrial Vintage: Industrial aesthetics paired with vintage elements for a nostalgic atmosphere.
  100. Scandinavian Cottage: Scandinavian design with cozy, cottage-inspired elements and muted colors.

Remember that cabinet door styles may vary based on manufacturers and regions, and this list provides a general overview of popular options.

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