Wood Species

     Zebra wood
      Other Materials

     Thermofoil (PVC)
     Engineered wood (MDF)


Whether you are looking for a light or dark stain, a custom paint color, an artistic glazed finish, a PVC, laminate or Polyester finish,  we have an extensive selection to choose from, that will accommodate all tastes and budgets.

We offer a high quality finishing process. Our stains are all applied by hand. This is the process of choice to bring out the natural grain, beauty and character of the wood. Our sealers, stains, toners, paint, glaze and lacquers are of exceptional quality containing a high quantity of solids, which guarantee a long lasting quality finish. 


"Everyone OOH's and AAAH's. The kitchen is really dramatic and really really custom. It looks like it's right out of "House Beautiful". I'll send photo's when it is totally complete."
Linda and Bill

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